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Happy Birthday – Turns Three!

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Today is a very significant day in the life of and the whole market for do-it-yourself investors. Today turns three years old.

Came from our own need

When we became thinking about, we were all investing in stocks but did not think there was any good service for individual investors that invest primarily in Nordic stocks. Everything was/is about free lousy financial information in old-fashioned  portals – we wanted to change that. We wanted to develop a paying service that gave individual investors the right information and tools without advertising taking up all the space and degrading the usability to a Times Square. This took us on a one year trip where we developed the first beta version.

So everything we are doing is the anti-thesis to what all the others are doing. Our enemy is the old portals such as Euroinvestor.

Rome was not built in three years but we are getting closer…

When started out with our beta version the design was all green and with absolutely no usability. Everything was about getting the calculations of financial ratios right – something everyone underestimate the degree of difficulty.

The original was all numbers. We did not even have a screener – our most popular and valuable tool.

(’s current homepage – we have had five different in three years!)

(The screening tool that lets you find new investments very quickly)

Since the beginning we have listened to all the feedback from you and we have done everything to implement it, whenever we thought it was a valuable add-on.


Today thousands of people use in their daily investment activity. We see growth in users, pageviews, visits etc. We expect the next three years to very exciting with huge international growth. The most interesting thing about our business is that we are approaching profitability on a quarterly basis at a very fast pace – and that is what sustainability is all about: profit.

Birthday present

A birthday is best celebrated with presents and therefore we want to give all our users a birthday present very soon. Many of our users have wished for excel export functionality and printing opportunities. We will soon launch these new features and some other new things.

Thank you

It is a pleasure to develop a service that many individual investors appreciate and tell us on a regularly basis. Without the continuous support from all of you this journey would never have happened and we would be able to put all our energy into for the next three years.

We also love to provide, in our opinion, a more professional service for individual investors in a more user-friendly way than many other financial services. For many people our subscription model for a financial service has been strange because many people are used to financial portals with free content (Euroinvestor, Yahoo Finance etc.). We love the fact that we paving the way for a better future with no ads, better information and tools (but also getting the job done faster!) – but asking for a small amount every month. We truly believe it is the future and we  are beginning to see that people are appreciating the new model. has not been a picnic so far but it has been the most rewarding experience for all of us. We are really looking forward to next three years.

Thank you for everything!


Written by Peter Garnry

2. July 2010 at 07:00

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  1. Congrats.


    4. July 2010 at 23:02

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